Pine DevBlog #78 - Landmarks and Live-Maps

21-09-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

Time for a blogpost!

It's definitely been a while. We've been very hard at work on every level of the game, making sure we had a good critical look at the game's biggest needs and to improve existing areas.

All the villages are nicely improving, as we are thinking more explicitly about what 'cornerstone' they should be built on. These are ideas, hooks and unique 'selling points' that make villages memorable and define their story. By doing so, you get a richer tapestry of different villages and it makes it more meaningful to visit them.

Another action for the villages is adding more sophisticated sockets and architecture, such as sleeping and eating areas! We had these blocked out and they worked really well, so now they're more specifically tailored towards the species at hand.

Some beds for the Cariblin, for example:

Or a nice place to eat for each species!

The Gobbledew totem was also finally finished and put in the game last week, heroically towering over the forests here (tier A):

We've been doing a lot of work on critters too: all of them have new animations and behaviors, and we're working on nests to show what their origin is on the island.

Species are getting more advanced reactions left and right, among which is a new full-body greet for when a species calls you over. Here's the Krocker's "hello":

We're doing a lot of world design in general, focusing on landmarks, backstories and locations, such as this one ("the Creator's Presence").

One of the most important updates we've been working on is something we haven't shown yet: the worldmap! It has become a pivotal mechanic in Pine. With the map, you can freely move around while checking your whereabouts, and it's fully dynamic. One of the Outfindings enhances it even more, but we won't spoil that for now...

We're excited to share some more gameplay soon. We still have a big update looming, but we want to make sure we have all the details in order before sharing that, so stay tuned.

Until next time!