The Pine Announcement Trailer

26-02-2017 Posted in Project

This is it - the official Pine announcement trailer! After months of work, we're incredibly excited to show a ton of new footage, including new species, weapons and gameplay mechanics.

It's still early in development, but we're going to Kickstarter to engage with a larger community to help us make the best game we can with our small and modest team.

What a day it has been - we've been hitting near-top-100 on Greenlight within 24 hours, and were on top of r/games on Reddit all day. The YouTube, Facebook and Twitter views combined are hitting over 40k and we get great comments everywhere. We've seen and gotten a lot of good feedback, which we all appreciate, and we're working hard on the things that are bothering people in the trailer.

We have great confidence in our game, and we hope the trailer gives you a glimpse of the adventurous feeling it's already giving us behind the scenes.

Lastly, we're working hard on another progress video - the trailer has been made completely iteratively, so we're excited to show you all how it progressed for us in about 3 months.

Until next time!