Species and Organisms

26-03-2016 Posted in Art

In the world of Pine, we don't handle any fantastic beasts or magical outlets - instead we look at potential instances of evolution in all living organisms. Creatures that would have evolved differently under certain circumstances, animals that would have thrived on the absence of human beings - we try to always keep things earthly and real, while staying true to fun and interesting characters.

For the first demo, to be displayed at Indievelopment 2016, we have three enemies. Below are images of the current state of these beasts that Hue will encounter in his travels up the great big demo-mountain.



The cariblin is the 'main' enemy that we use a lot in the demo. They have evolved from caribous through situations in which they were finally able to overcome their arch nemeses - wolves. They developed tools, a language, but yet relatively aggressive.



In the great forests of our current Congo, Megabats thrive in large groups, eating a lot of food. Pine's ecology forced them into caves, allowing them to grow and hear well, but stalling them in any advanced evolutions towards civilization. Be afraid of these wild creatures!


Scared but nifty, the Litter is a ranged creature that tries to hit and run whenever it can. Pretty advanced with their own means of communication, he can leave nasty trails of sticky spit you should try to avoid at all cost.f

Next up: technical outlines of the enemy layers!