We won the Unity Award for Best Student Project!

02-11-2016 Posted in General

We've been pinching ourselves for a full day now, but all the congratulatory tweets and messages we're receiving are probably not lying: we WON the Best Student Project award at the Unity Awards 2016 in Los Angeles last night!

We had been sitting in our office all night, waiting for the award show to start and for the student category to come up. Now, teams always say this, but we're not lying when we say we were not expecting this - there were so many cool and beautiful and more finished products, and we were already humbled to be among them. Huge shoutout to the other games in the category, we're proud to be in this category with you!

The third category to be mentioned during the show was the one. And then they called our name! We couldn't believe our ears, and we're not sure if we're stuck in some weird alternate Black Mirror reality as of yet - but we're excited either way.

Stay tuned for more good things to happen, we couldn't be more motivated to make Pine the best game we can.

Thanks for your interest!