Moving into a new office!

15-08-2016 Posted in Production

After a few months of working seperately, as we discussed in a previous blogpost, we've now finally moved into a new office! It has room for the six of us and we're excited to be able to discuss Pine all day. Here's a picture!

Twirlbound Office

We're still missing the mandatory whiteboards and hundreds of post-its, and we agree that it's a bit of a mess still, but it's a start!

We're working on a few things:

  • Something big we'll announce soon! It involves a lot of prototypes, ideas and pretty assets.

  • The Mountain Demo - we're perfecting the combat, adding a few new features and tweaking the overall experience based on the amazing playthroughs we observed at Indievelopment. It's taking some time, mainly because we're re-generalizing some of the systems, but it's bound to be better than ever.

Stay tuned!